Jackson Paid for Spielberg Hex

By | March 5, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Michael Jackson paid a witch doctor to place a curse on DreamWorks partners David Geffen and Steven Spielberg, and wears a prosthetic tip on his nose, claims an article in Vanity Fair magazine.

Titled “Losing His Grip,” the article also includes an interview with an unnamed California prosecutor who investigated child molestation allegations against the pop star. The prosecutor said Jackson befriended young boys “and as soon as they started sprouting whiskers – whoosh – they were out the door.”

Jackson denied allegations that he sexually molested a 13-year-old boy in 1993. He reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with the teen and was never charged.

A representative for Jackson had no comment Tuesday.

The Vanity Fair article adds to the media frenzy surrounding the 44-year-old singer. In February, ABC broadcast the highly rated British documentary “Living With Michael Jackson,” in which Jackson was interviewed by journalist Martin Bashir; NBC’s “Dateline” did a two-hour special on the singer; and Fox broadcast behind-the-scenes footage of Bashir’s interview, allowing Jackson to strike back after he found Bashir’s documentary unflattering.

Jackson allegedly paid a witch doctor $150,000 in 2000 to put a hex on several Hollywood figures. Spielberg was allegedly included because he did not allow him to star as Peter Pan in “Hook.” He blamed Geffen for sabotaging his career, the magazine said.

Both Spielberg and Geffen are partners in the DreamWorks entertainment company, which includes a movie studio and a record company.

The article also claims that Jackson wears a prothesis for the tip of his nose because of a lack of cartilage due to excessive plastic surgery.

The magazine appears on newsstands beginning this week.