Inbox Jukebox #032: Nicole Millar, Rhys + Towers and Trees

By | March 16, 2018 at 1:30 PM

…This is the Inbox Jukebox:

Nicole Millar – “Gimme A Break”
Photo credit: @trippy.teaaa

We needed the sonic adrenaline of Nicole Millar’s “Gimme A Break” this morning. This 80s inspired bop takes us back to dancing on our beds—with our bedroom walls covered in posters of hotties with way too much hair and just the right amount of makeup. There’s nothing like a pop-tune that pops bubblegum and gets in your face with attitude. Get ’em, Nicole. If we snap our fingers any harder it’s gonna leave a bruise…totally worth it.

Rhys – “No Vacancy”
Photo: Jannick Boerlum

Rhys has just whipped up a swirl of country infused pop, added R&B sprinkles, and named this delicious treat “No Vacancy”. The plucky pluck of guitar combined with lyrical defiance make this tune irresistible. Nothing but applause to Rhys for bringing back a sound we’ve been missing since pre-1989—and we’re Swift-ly falling in love with her for it. “You know a player who could ever keep a promise? Well if you do now baby you’re not being honest…”  We’ve never heard a smoother rejection song, it’s like throwing shade while serving up lemonade…and the groove is undeniable.

Towers and Trees – “Head Down / Heart Up”
Photo credit: foxxfoto

Who said a jacked-up love affair can only be cured by a bottle of Jack? We didn’t. Breakups have never had a better backbeat. Get into “Head Down / Heart Up” by Towers and Trees and feel the rush of this what if Hall & Oates formed a superband with Walk The Moon” scenario. Right? Yup, we’ll be dancing to this all day, ’cause “it feels like running away…” and a song like this is just the escape we need.