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Hoobastank 'Crawls' Toward Pop Charts

Hoobastank’s “Crawling In The Dark” is currently working its way from the rock charts to the pop mainstream, checking in at Number 13 in its second week on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart.

Hoobastank guitarist Dan Estrin said about the moment in which he realized that they were on to something good with “Crawling In The Dark.”

“I went to the studio one night by myself and just sat there and started playing and I kind of put it together,” he says. “It was a little different. I brought it to the guys the next day and there were a couple parts in the song that aren’t there anymore. And Doug (Robb) started writing the vocal melody to it and we started arranging the song together and once I heard his vocal melody we were just like, ‘This is a cool song. It’s gonna be a cool song.’ I didn’t know until I heard what he was doing.”

“Crawling In The Dark” is the first single from the Southern California group’s self-titled Island Records debut album, which arrived in stores in November.

Hoobastank joins Incubus and Vent in concert tonight (January 3) at the Bakersfield (California) Centennial Garden & Convention Center. The group kicks off an East Coast tour itinerary Saturday (January 5) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.