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Goodie Mob Member Injured in Crash

Willie “Khujo” Knighton of the Atlanta-based rap group Goodie Mob was in stable condition but had to have part of his leg amputated after a car wreck.

Knighton fell asleep while driving from a recording studio early Tuesday on Interstate 75 and crashed, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported in Thursday’s editions.

Cee-Lo Green, another Goodie Mob member, said doctors amputated part of the 30-year-old Knighton’s right leg from the shin down.

“Khujo is still in very good strong spirits,” he told the newspaper. Plans were underway to help pay for a medical grafting procedure in Los Angeles for Knighton.

Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, of the Grammy-winning duo OutKast, asked fans to keep the rapper in their prayers during the second annual BET awards show in Los Angeles Tuesday night.

Andre “Dre” Benjamin, also of OutKast, missed the show to stay with Knighton at the hospital.