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Gloria Reuben Strikes Up The Band

Touring as one of Tina Turner’s backup singers inspired actress Gloria Reuben to make her own music.

The former “ER” star wants her effort to resemble the acoustic sound of Bruce Springsteen’s album “The Ghost of Tom Joad.”

Reuben doesn’t have a record deal, and said she may just put the music on her Web site.

She spent two months touring the United States and Canada singing and dancing with Turner after four seasons on “ER.”

“It was unbelievable. Just imagine what it was like being on a stage with her shaking your thing,” Reuben said. “In every city I went to there was a lot of support up there for what I was doing.”

Reuben guest stars in the first six episodes of CBS’ new drama “The Agency,” the first TV series allowed to film inside CIA headquarters. She is unsure whether she will film an entire season of shows.

“The only thing is how can I continue my life,” said Reuben, who lives in New York with her husband. “I’m at the stage in my life, because my getting older, where quality of life is important.”