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George Harrison Given A Paupers Funeral

George Harrison loved life and never feared death. While he was worth over $300 million he lived a humble life and was seen off in the same manner. According to his wishes, Harrison was given a paupers funeral. Hours after his death, the quiet Beatle was cremated in a cardboard box. His ashes were given to his wife Olivia and son Dhani who will scatter them along the River Yamuna in India, a favourite spiritual location for Harrison.

The funeral for George took place before the family announced his death to the media. According to his faith, funeral directors from Hollywood Forever in Los Angeles were called within minutes of his death and immediately started work on the service. The private service was only attended by his family.

Olivia and Dhani have asked fans to join them worldwide in a minutes silence to remember the Beatles guitarist at 1.30pm Monday PST USA.