Former Houston Calls members create TV show

Jarrett Seltzer and Rocco Burro's "Ten-One" focuses on the world of video production By | April 4, 2014 at 2:36 PM

Former Houston Calls members and Crash Test Radio hosts Jarrett Seltzer and Rocco Burro have created a new TV comedy called Ten-One about the world of video production. Produced completely independently and self-funded, the show’s pilot episode was written, produced, shot, and edited by Seltzer, Burro, and writer Corey Finkle. The team is currently looking for a home for the show’s first season.

The show was inspired by Seltzer and Burro’s real-life experience in video production through their company Fast Rice Productions.

Check out a teaser scene from the pilot above and read more about its production below!

Jarrett Seltzer & Rocco Burro own a production company based in New Jersey together. This past Summer the two decided to take their dream of creating their first TV show and put it into action. The two self funded the entire project. There was no kickstarter/indiegogo for this project.

With the help of writer Corey Finkle both Seltzer and Burro were able to complete the script for the first episode of Ten-One. The team created, wrote, produced, shot and edited the entire first episode. The show was shot with 2 red cameras and utilized a fair amount of steadicam, dolly and jib.

This show would not be possible with out everyone involved from the stage to the crew to the talent. This was quite a team effort to get the entire episode in the can in 4 days.

Seltzer and Burro are currently looking for a home for season one.

All contact should go through Jarrett Seltzer via [email protected] or phone.