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Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins Admits Drugs Led To Hospitalization

Five months after being hospitalized for what was called an “overindulgence,” Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins is healthy, happy and making music with his bandmates once again. The 29-year-old drummer was hospitalized in the U.K. in August for a health crisis that led to the cancellation of the Foo Fighters’ European tour (see “Foo Fighters’ Drummer Hospitalized; European Tour Canceled”). Hawkins came clean on the causes of his recent hospitalization this week, and admitted that the “overindulgence” was drug-related and that he has taken subsequent steps to get clean and sober.

“I was just definitely a little out of control, but I’m really healthy and good right now and that’s the most important thing,” Hawkins said.

At the time, sources close to the band were tight-lipped and the details of Hawkins’ condition remained a mystery, though he was said to be in “stable condition.” Hawkins is only slightly more comfortable discussing the event now, but said that he was wholeheartedly supported by his bandmates throughout the ordeal.

Hawkins has since rejoined his bandmates, and has just completed recording the drum tracks for the Foo Fighters’ new record, the follow-up to 1999’s Grammy-nabbing There Is Nothing Left to Lose. According to frontman Dave Grohl, the still-unnamed project is two-thirds complete.

For now, the Foo Fighters are out promoting their single “The One,” as well as the “Orange County” soundtrack. Hawkins seems genuinely excited to be out with the band and he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

“I was a rocker. I took it to the edge,” he joked self-deprecatingly. “Now I’m just a boring old man.”