Fall Out Boy ‘M A N I A’ Has Begun With The Release Of “Young and Menace”

By | April 27, 2017 at 12:15 PM

What did Fall Out Boy do in the dark? Start a llama search party, apparently. In their latest video (because oh yeah, we have new material from Fall Out Boy), you won’t be sure if you’re tripping out or back inside the minds of Patrick, Pete, Andy, and Joe.

With “Young and Menace”, our favorite Chicago emo/pop punk/”everything we ever wanted in a band” band is back again—and it isn’t all they have to offer. This is just the first act from their forthcoming LP M A N I A, due to drop on September 15th. The guys have warned that many surprises are to drop before then, and if they’re anything like this one, we’re completely unprepared (and totally excited). Check out “Young and Menace” below!