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Eminem & Xzibit Contribute Voiceovers To 'The Slim Shady Show'

Eminem (Marshall Mathers), Xzibit, Stuart Parr, and Eminem’s business manager Paul Rosenberg have all contributed their voices to the animated series, The Slim Shady Show. The series, which has been webcast on Eminem’s website (slimshadyworld.com), will be released on VHS and DVD later this month. The show focuses on the adventures of a group of young teenage males who look to a character named Slim Shady for guidance and leadership. One of the teens is a reticent, shy, nerdy type aptly named Marshall.

The 70-minute video will comprise the original animated webisodes, an exclusive animated adventure, a lost episode, behind-the-scenes footage, a documentary of the making of the show, an exclusive interview with Eminem, and a director’s cut of the D12 video, “Fight Music.”