Distillers Drummer Rips On Jet

By | April 5, 2004 at 12:00 AM

Distillers drummer Andy Granelli launched a verbal assault on Australian rockers Jet during an interview with the Ottawa Sun Thursday (April 1). While admitting that the Distillers aren’t the “most original” or “best” band in the world, Granelli blurted, “I don’t know how these crappy cover bands posing as new bands, like Jet or Kings Of Leon can take themselves seriously…(Jet) have that new single out now and you can count on one hand all the different songs in that one song. There’s a Stones song in there; there’s half of a Beatles song in there…and you go, ‘Come on! I know you’re from Australia and you probably don’t get a lot of stuff out there, but please, this sucks!'”

Jet has been the victim of barbs before this, most notably from the Strokes.

Despite his tirade, Granelli says that the L.A.-based Distillers are not as angry as they seem to be: “I guess there’s something about us that makes people think that we’re really angry or pissed off. Maybe we are, but I don’t really notice it. Maybe we’re just scary people.”

The Distillers are touring in support of their third album, Coral Fang. They play in Montreal, Quebec, Friday (April 2), and Boston, Massachusetts, on Saturday (April 3).