Dave of Every Avenue talks hiatus and future plans

By | October 24, 2012 at 11:51 PM

On tonight’s The Gunz Show, Dave  Strauchman of Every Avenue called in to speak about the band’s decision to take a break.

I’ve been in this band since I was 15. We’ve been around for 10 years. I don’t want to make it seem like we’re breaking up – we’re just taking a break. We’re  going  to be  exploring  other possibilities.

Industry has a lot to do with things, but it’s life at the same time. You can’t just plan everything out. You never know how things are  going  to go – you can only just hope for the best. The industry is tough, especially for a band like us, a rock band right now. We’re not bitter about it or anything like, “Fuck the music industry,” that’s the last thing we’re thinking. We’re all continuing to do music. […] Jimmie’s doing his stuff, I’ve been writing and doing co-writes, and Josh and Matt have been playing with this country girl. It’s  just  cool to be involved with a  bunch  of different styles of music.

Dave also cleared up what happened when he was arrested earlier this year.

I guess I can say this now, now that I’m not in court. I went to jail for pushing a guy after his huge pitbull attacked our little tiny terrier. I pushed this guy because he wouldn’t control his dog. He called the cops on me and I got arrested for assault because this guy was living with  us  and in in the state of  Tennessee,  if you live with somebody and you push them, it’s domestic assault. So I went to jail and couldn’t live in my house for 12 days.

Listen to the full interview here.