Collect Vol. 1 of the Awesome Comic ‘Rock Mary Rock’ by Nicky Soh!

By | December 5, 2017 at 5:30 PM

‘Rock Mary Rock’ created by Nicky Soh, lead colors by Jeremy Lawson.

Bands, school, awakening spirits of dead legendary guitarists…all in a day’s work for a teen called Mary in Rock Mary Rock. We discovered Nicky Soh’s awesome comic last year at Baltimore Comic Con, and we can’t wait to share more about it: Nicky’s launched a Kickstarter to collect the first six issues as a trade paperback!

“The story centers around Mary, a young teen who accidentally awakens the spirit of a deceased rock star. In order for the spirit to move on to the afterlife, Mary has to fulfill his dreams: to become a Rock Legend. The journey is full of adventure, friendship, battles and most importantly, music.”

Spoiler alert: It really is as fantastic as it sounds. And issues 1-6 could be yours for as little as $15—Nicky has some pretty sweet pledge packages set up, including some opportunities for commissions. You can get a taste of what to expect from Rock Mary Rock with this handy preview, then head to the Kickstarter now for all the details on how to support this indie comic!