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Clear Channel Says National "Banned Playlist'' Does Not Exist

Clear Channel Communications Inc. today issued the following statement as a result of numerous stories, emails and calls concerning an alleged “list of banned songs” on its U.S. radio stations following last week’s tragedy in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania:

“Clear Channel Radio has not banned any songs from any of its radio stations.

Clear Channel believes that radio is a local medium. It is up to every radio station program director and general manager to understand their market, listen to their listeners and guide their station’s music selections according to local sensitivities. Each program director and general manager must take the pulse of his or her market to determine if play lists should be altered, and if so, for how long.

‘In the wake of this terrible tragedy, the nation’s business community is responding with a degree of hypersensitivity,’ explained Mark P. Mays, President and Chief Operating Officer of Clear Channel. ‘Even some movie companies have altered some of their release schedules in light of the mood in America today. Clear Channel strongly believes in the First Amendment and freedom of speech. We value and support the artist community. And we support our radio station programming staff and management team in their responsibility to respond to their local markets.'”