Calm Down Everybody – Jeremy Renner Released A Single

By | July 1, 2019 at 11:00 AM

Jeremy Renner is best known as an actor, he portrays MCU’s Hawkeye but I have a sneaking suspicion his first love was music. He dropped a single Friday, June 28th called “Heaven Don’t Have A Name” and all around the internet, there are claims of people being “confused”. “Why did he release a song?” “Where’s the context?” “The name doesn’t make sense”. Everybody just needs to calm down, and take it easy – It’s not that deep. He’s an actor and he’s a musician, it’s a common combination. He’s a talented singer and the new single is a strong musical effort. The song opens with an electro melody followed by Renner’s fantastically vulnerable voice. The anthemic chorus has great rise and texture. It’s a big crunchy song – I’d love to hear it live. Renner sang on the Sam Feldt electronic version in 2018 and it sounds like he wanted to make a cool rock version of it. It’s not at all confusing. It’s a rock song best played at full volume if you’re into it. There’s no word on if he’ll find time around filming his new Disney+ Hawkeye series to record an album but I for one would love to hear it if he did. Bravo My Dude.