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Britney Gets Her Shag On For 'Austin Powers' Sequel

Britney Spears has signed on to play herself in a small role in “Austin Powers in Goldmember,” which will star Destiny’s Child singer Beyoncé Knowles as Foxy Cleopatra and Mike Myers as the titular International Man of Mystery.

Legendary producer, composer and industry mogul Quincy Jones will also play himself in the movie, which is scheduled to hit theaters July 26, according to New Line Cinema. Heather Graham and Seth Green will revisit their roles as Felicity Shagwell and Scott Evil, respectively, and British screen smoothie Michael Caine (“The Cider House Rules”) is also slated to act in “Goldmember.”

Spears is being courted to take a role in the screen adaptation of the Bob Fosse musical “Chicago”, according to Variety, though her publicist said “Austin Powers” and her star vehicle, “Crossroads,” are the only movies on her calendar.

“Crossroads” is scheduled to hit theaters February 15.