Bono Threatens Civil Disobedience

By | July 9, 2003 at 12:00 AM

U2 frontman Bono spoke adamantly about the need to step up efforts to combat world poverty, threatening to wage a civil disobedience campaign, at the launch of the United Nations’ Human Development Report in Dublin.

During his speech the singer said, “The people I represent-the activists from my community-will take a very, very different tack in the next few years if these trends are to continue in Africa.” Bono threatened that he would get very “noisy” if wealthy countries didn’t start to help in the fight to end this pervading world issue. He added, “The issue is the defining issue of our time and some of us are ready to really work on it.”

The annual Human Development Report revealed that 54 developing countries became poorer in the ’90s, despite the economic growth that much of the world sustained, reported dotmusic. According to the report’s findings, the Western world was running short on time to keep its promises to help the poor.

If things don’t start to change soon, Bono said he will take a more aggressive approach to ensure something is done.