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Blink-182, Tony Hawk To Appear On 'The Simpsons'

Anyone even remotely familiar with Blink-182 knows they’re one of the most animated bands in rock, and soon their funny fodder will be drawn from a place where groups such as Aerosmith, the Who, Spinal Tap and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have once touched down: Springfield.

Blink-182 recorded their voice parts for the 300th episode of the animated Fox series on Wednesday, according to a network spokesperson. Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk is also set to appear in the same tricentennial show and will tape his vocals Monday.

In the episode, scheduled for broadcast in February, Bart learns that he had acted in commercials as a baby and that Homer has squandered all his money. Frustrated, Bart leaves home after being legally emancipated from his parents and lands in a loft, where the show’s guest stars are also living. Somehow the whole troupe winds up at the Skewed Tour, a parody of the rock-meets-extreme-sports festival the Warped Tour.

A script for the program was finished a few weeks ago and the voiceovers are being recorded now, the spokesperson said. Once completed, the process hits the animation stage, which usually takes six to nine months to complete.