blink–182’s NINE Is So Satisfying

By | September 20, 2019 at 12:07 PM
NINE is out NOW!

The biggest compliment that could be given to blink–182’s new album NINE is that it doesn’t sound like “old blink.” That’s not an insult to the band’s previous albums either. This is an album that is enjoyable in its new-ness. We aren’t listening to something that is a throwback, reminiscent of another time, or that wants to live in another era. This is blink, evolved, older, established blink. Some people mourn the previous Tom Delonge incarnation of the band instead of celebrating that they have continued on with a fantastic addition. Seems like when a band changes their line-up the second album together is where they shine. California was good, NINE is great. Matt Skiba’s influence is a highlight through the album, especially Black Rain. Through and through NINE is full of hits and deep lyrical content. With a band like blink–182 there’s no need to convince anyone to give their new album a listen. As long as you aren’t expecting it to sound like their early albums you’ll be so satisfied.