Well, it’s official. More than a month after rumors of a Blink-182/Weezer tour started circulating, and less than a week after the All-American Rejects hinted they’d be joining the bill, we’ve finally gotten to the bottom of what’s sure to be one of the biggest rock tours of the summer.

As first reported in Rolling Stone (then subsequently posted on Blink bassist/singer Mark Hoppus’ blog and confirmed by the band’s label, Interscope), Blink and Weezer will be touring together this summer, and they’re taking Fall Out Boy with them.

The tour kicks off July 24 and will run until October, according to RS, with tickets starting at $20 (and going up to $60). Hoppus told the mag that Blink are planning to mix old favorites and a few new tunes into their set (and jokingly said the band is actually rehearsing for this one) and that – since this is their first tour since 2005 – they’re getting “artistic,” having recruited Kanye West’s set designer to give the tour some flair.

“We want to use the entire arena as a lighting rig and stage,” Hoppus told the magazine. “We’re being as ambitious as possible.”

There’s no mention of the Rejects anywhere in the story, but don’t consider them off the tour just yet. According to Blink’s Interscope spokesperson, there’s an “official announcement [about the tour] coming next week,” which could mean that even more acts (perhaps sharing a revolving fourth slot?) will be announced very shortly.