Blink 182 Shows Another Side With New Single

By | August 24, 2004 at 12:00 AM

Blink 182 set out to prove that they were more than just a pop-punk band with their latest, self-titled album, and they continue to push the envelope with the latest single from the disc, called “Always.” Frontman Tom DeLonge revealed that he thinks both the fans and the band members themselves are still finding out new things about the trio.

“There’s a lot of different sides to our band that people don’t know, but I think they’re discovering it, though,” DeLonge says. “I mean, with this new record that came out, I think people are kinda going, ‘Wow, maybe they’re not really the band that we thought they were,’ and I think we’re learning who we are, still, too, you know.”

Blink 182 is currently on a tour of Japan and Australia. There are no new U.S. tour plans at the moment.

DeLonge told that after the band completes their 2004 tour commitments, he plans to take a long vacation: “I’m going to lift some weights and run really fast, maybe sweat a little bit.”

DeLonge and bassist Mark Hoppus also plan to develop new film projects through their production company, Resting Bird Entertainment, which produced a documentary last year called Riding In Vans With Boys.

The singer and guitarist also plans to continue his public support and campaigning for the Kerry/Edwards Democratic presidential ticket.