blink-182 is Inevitable

By | May 8, 2019 at 12:50 PM

WOO HOO! blink-182 just released “Blame It On My Youth”. If this song doesn’t make you lace up your Vans and grab a skateboard I can’t help you. When Mark Hoppus sings “You can never kill my high / I’m the ink and you’re the headline” You can feel it, a passionate declaration of pop-punk survival. Travis Barker is powerful and exacting as ever, as always, more like a machine gun than a metronome. Big Love for Matt Skiba. Always a fan of his guitar skills and songwriting, after their album California and this new song it’s hard to call him a replacement — they’re just a new blink. An encouraging anthem of staying positive when life isn’t easy, go ahead and blame a few bad choices on being young. blink-182’s new single restores the unbridled optimism of youth, a perfect first single so we can all get even more amped for their upcoming album.