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Backstreet Fans Can Get 'The Call' On Valentine's Day

Taking a cue from their new single, The Call, the romantically inclined Backstreet Boys will reach out and touch some of their fans on Valentine’s Day… well, sort of.

Folks who sign up for the group’s “Send-a-Phone-Call” program via the group’s official online store can play cupid by sending a Valentine phone message from one or all of the pop heartthrobs to any lucky BSB fan in the U.S.

Senders can prearrange the prerecorded calls to be made any time on or before February 14. Sample messages posted at the store – including one from A.J. McLean beginning with a characteristic “What’s up, y’all” – relay heartfelt sentiments to the group’s fans.

There’s a $4.95 fee for each call, of course, but making dreams come true ain’t cheap.