Andrew W.K. Hungry on "Wolf"

By | June 27, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Party metal evangelist Andrew W.K. will release his second album, The Wolf, on September 9th. The singer settled on the the title after meeting resistance from retailers to the record’s original title, “Blow Your Bone.”

W.K. recorded the twelve-track set, the follow-up to his 2000 debut I Get Wet, in New York this winter. “There could be as many as a hundred tracks on each song, all kinds of keyboards,” he said at the time, and he made good on the threat. The songs on The Wolf, even more than Wet’s hedonistic anthems, are stacked with Journey-like layers of soaring synths, sweeping guitar riffs, insistent dance beats and shout-it-out choruses.

“You know when you get one of those weird things underneath your armpit?” W.K. asked Rolling Stone. “That’s what this album is – a growth. It’s branching off, but it’s not abandoning or turning its head to what it is.”

The Wolf Track Listing:

  • Victory Strikes Again
  • Long Live the Party
  • Tear It Up
  • Free Jumps
  • Never Let Down
  • Your Rules
  • The Song
  • Make Sex
  • Totally Stupid
  • Really in Love
  • The End of Our Lives
  • I Love Music