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Aerosmith Honored That Eminem Sampled 'Dream On' For His New Album

Among those cheering Eminem’s sweep at last week’s Video Music Awards were the members of Aerosmith. The band, currently touring with Run-D.M.C. and Kid Rock, has a connection with “Slim Shady”-Eminem sampled the Aerosmith classic “Dream On” for the track “Sing For The Moment” on his latest album, The Eminem Show.

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton said that the Boston rock veterans were both surprised and pleased by the move. “We were really excited, you know, when we first heard that he wanted to do it, and it came out great,” he says. “It kinda surprised me a little, in a really nice way. I figured that someone like that would probably be influenced by something more recent than ‘Dream On.'”

The Aerosmith/Kid Rock/Run-D.M.C. tour’s next stop is Thursday (September 5) at the Ctnow.com Meadows Music Amphitheatre in Hartford, Connecticut.