Aerosmith Collect the Hits

By | May 24, 2002 at 12:00 AM

Aerosmith’s latest greatest hits collection is due June 25th. As yet, the album is still untitled, but the collection will span thirty years, featuring hits from the band’s self-titled debut, as well as recent hits like “Jaded.” “We’ve got our Columbia era, we’ve got our Geffen era and we’ve got our neo-Columbia era, and we want to cover all that,” bassist Tom Hamilton told Rolling Stone in March. “Really from [1975’s] Toys in the Attic until now.”

The upcoming compilation will have three new tracks on it, including “Girls of Summer,” which Aerosmith played a few bars during their MTV Icon special. They will also make a video for the song.

“There are a couple songs coming into their own,” Hamilton said, “but nothing definite yet. All we know is that the collection will have a couple good new songs on it, and we’re not going to put it out until we’re satisfied. It’s not like we want to take a couple of old shoes out of the closet and throw them out there.”

The band is also planning a summer tour, and a Behind the Music episode is expected to air in July.