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The Weeks Ahead for IFI Music LIVE!!


IFI Music LIVE!! Update News

As the new kids on the block, we are still refining our program and working together as a team, so for the next four WEEKLY broadcasts (10-9, 10-16, 10-30 and 11-06), we will not be having any guests. We just want to run the show with those on the crew and get a better feel of each other and working off of each other.

We will be having guests and phone interviews for our Net-A-Thon which will air between Friday October 19 at 9pm until Sunday October 21 at 9pm. The two prior weekly broadcasts (10-9 and 10-16) and the two weekly broadcasts following the Net-A-Thon (10-30 and 11-6) will be simply with the core crew. (We will not be airing on Tuesday 10-23 since we are pulling 48 straight that weekend). When we get back to guests, we will be having Artists playing LIVE in our studio.

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