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A 5th Grader Stands Up To Bullying

Nobody should have to feel like 5th grader Delanie Marcotte does.

Listen.  I’ll be the first admit; life isn’t easy… and middle school / high school and even college can be the hardest times of our lives.  Socially – are you kidding me?  Like come on.  We all FREAKED out those first couple weeks of high school.  I remember my parents making me go to as many different pre-events as possible, just so when I went to high school I knew at least some people when I showed up and walked the hallways.  Having at least someone to nod to or high five in the hallway meant THAT much more.

The constant internal battle between being, “Too Smart,” or in honors classes vs being considered one of the cool kids and being invited to certain parties?  It happens.  We all know it does.  Just think back.  Straight up, it happened and does happen.

(Personal story – I crushed it in soccer my whole life.  I was small, fast as F and scored so many goals throughout middle school on my soccer team.  F Yeah!  Ballin baby.
Legit.  The FIRST day of the high school pre-camp soccer workout.  AKA… what the camp would do is have teams come together a few weeks before school started and be able to practice / train with each other and familiarize ourselves with our future teammates.

What did one of my teammates say to me?  (We’ll just call him Tim.)
… (Tim is his real name by the way.  woopz)

He goes to me after a few hours of Day 1 of 5 of this soccer camp – he comes up to me and says, “I hope soccer isn’t your best sport.”      Like great dude.  Thanks for f’n ruining my dream or at least a path I thought I could take in high school.  Like who says that?  A bully does.   (BTW.  I used it as determination to become better.  I scored a ton of goals and with that said teammate, we became the First ever County Champions 4 years later – our Senior year, for the high school.  ballin.)

But yes, shit happens.  Kids will make fun of other kids and believe me – that’s why I turned to music as an outlet as did so many of you reading this right now.

I don’t believe in “Participation awards,” I don’t think every f’n kid or athlete should get a trophy or a ribbon for just showing up.  F that.  Absolutely not.  Life teaches competition, and the determination to RISE and BE ABOVE any of your doubters or shit talkers or people that put you down.  Life isn’t fair.  Shit usually works out better for the scumbags on Earth in the short term and guess what?  Karma will eventually happen.  The richest of the rich are still alone – most likely spending their lives and time with people that don’t truly care about them and in the end, they all feel empty.


This girl.. this 5th grader.  Think about it.  5th Grade.  WTF were we doing in 5th Grade?  I’m pretty sure I was just enjoying life.  Maybe mad at some stuff like having to do a school project or dress up as some famous historic figure or some shit – but really I was just focusing on getting my homework done so I could play little league or Sega / Nintendo 64.  Those were probably my only worries and I’m sure many of yours as well.

Look at this video.  This is so f’n sad and disheartening.  I feel absolutely terrible for this girl.
Why?  Because she’s not doing it for attention.  She’s from some bumblefuck town none of us have ever heard of in New Hampshire.  And she legit hates going to school for fear of being bullied.
That . Is.  Fucked.  Up.



Nobody should ever feel that way.

Now, the next comment I’m sure some people will say is that “Oh, she should just deal with it and grow up.”

My response would be everything I Just wrote above.  Yes.  I’m not one to cater to kids or teenagers or anything or anyone in life unless warranted.  Hence, no f’n trophy’s or awards just for showing up.   I came in last place or was picked last in class and for gym class sports PLENTY of times.  and guess what?  I f’n came back and DOMINATED.  I’m mother f’n GUNZ yo!

Michael Jordan?  Yeah you may have heard of him.  Cut from his freshman high school basketball team.  ENOUGH.  SAID.

But.  If this 5th grader.  Delanie Marcotte is THIS UPSET about going to SCHOOL on a DAY TO DAY BASIS.  Then shit needs to be done.

I applaud, respect, and commend her and her bravery.

Just to reiterate, according to her statement and reports – Her parents went to the principal and school in the past and said bullying was happening.  AND THE SCHOOL DID NOTHING.


AND THE PRINCIPAL DIDN’T DO ANYTHING?   Like WTF.  seriously.  W T F.  The Principal and the Superintendent need to answer about this immediately.  If there are documented complaints to them or concerns from Delanie and the family about bullying, then somebody needs to be held accountable.

Oh.  And one more thing.

Listen to what she says again around the 0:38 mark:




Holy F.    Are you kidding me?   Like this is so freaking absurd that when I heard this story I needed to post it for more to see here.   Like.  THIS is exactly the problem.
HEY MA.  Guess what.  If your son is bullying and threatening someone else.  Maybe YOU should have a talk with THEM and not confront the victim after school.   Like.  What in the absolutely fuck.   (EDIT:  I thought I would come back and edit the F word out.  But I don’t care.  I legit can’t believe a mother would do that to someone.  So, they deserve the F word)

The Final Thing that really gets me as I mentioned earlier, is that according to the parents they went and said something.  and NOTHING was done.

The parents, the child, did EXACTLY what they should have done.  And guess what?  NOTHING was done about it from the principal or school administrators.

Some (Very few)  may call what she did a publicity stunt.  Look at this video once again and her post TV interviews afterwords.  I truly believe she is sincere in this.  It’s a god damn 5th grader for crying out loud.

Now the Superintendent of the school district – Timberlane Regional School District Superintendent Earl F. Metzler…   issued a statement.

Before I post the statement.  I’ll say that this guy needs to get his shit together because wtf if this is the district you are running and you have students threatening to kill other students as Delanie said happened to her.    WTF kind of principal or administrators are you employing, Mr. Metzler?

Any way.  Here was his (bullshit) statement, from NBC Boston:

“We will continue to encourage all students to speak up when they see, hear or experience something that makes them uncomfortable,” he said. “The same holds true for parents and community members. There are many vehicles at Timberlane to share your concerns including, but not limited to, the public comment portion of our School Board agenda.”

Metzler added that the district takes everyone’s concerns seriously, and said Delanie’s reports of bullying now have the district’s “undivided attention.”

NEWSFLASH.  According to Delanie’s parents.  They went to the school and said something.  And it was REPEATED, CONSISTENT BULLYING AND THREATENING OF ANOTHER STUDENT’S LIFE.  AND WHAT DID YOU DO METZLER?   Issue this $20 an hour lawyer issued statement?  Literally.  Absolute bullshit – because you didn’t and your district didn’t do anything about Delanie’s previous concerns.

I’m just pretty upset about the whole situation.  I grew up being made fun of and life wasn’t always easy – as many of you reading this, did as well.  And people can’t be snowflakes or expect shit to always work out.  But here is a CLEAR example of a vulnerable child being upset and hurt because of Administrator’s and the Principal not doing their f’n job.

And that, to me – and I think many of you, is just wrong.

When real life, threatening, bullying situations are straight up presented to the people in charge, they need to investigate and act.  Like I said, I highly doubt this was just a one and done complaint.

Props for Delanie Marcotte for showing up to a freaking school board meeting.  Something that 99.8% of you reading have NEVER Done.  And she did so because it was her last resort to beg for some sort of change to be done.

we could learn a lot from her bravery.


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