Statistically Speaking First Person

By | March 10, 2011 at 2:09 PM

66% of gamers see the their world in First Person.

40% of voters will vote for their political parties, regardless of who the candidate may be.

Josh Madden was a virgin for 62.4% of his life.

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About Josh Madden

Josh Madden is a Music Producer, Remixer, and DJ; Co-Founder of  DCMA COLLECTIVEclothing line with brothers Benji and Joel; stylist for artists such as Good Charlotte, NYLE, Pierce Brosnan, Metro Station, White Tie Affair as well as for KANGOL, BEN SHERMAN, and HOUSE OF CASSETTE clothing lines; and a writer for & Josh has been featured in magazines such as PEOPLE, NYLON, TIME OUT, SPIN, PAPER, & STATUS.

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