Premiere: As Days Fade’s Lyric Video for “I Don’t Want You”

By | April 27, 2016 at 2:00 PM

We’re about to give your week the kick it needs to send you sailing smoothly into  the weekend. As Days Fade is bringing the premiere of their kickass lyric video for “I Don’t Want You” to

“The main message behind this song is knowing you’re in a bad relationship and having the strength and courage to step out of your comfort zone and say “you aren’t the one for me, you are hurting me and I need you out of my life right now”. Musically, we incorporated both groove orientated/up-beat rhythms to symbolize the euphoric feel of a relationship as well as aggressive breakdown rhythms to emphasize the distraught emotion towards one another.”

After a line up change, the Queens based group is now geared up to release their latest EP,  Ressurrection, on June 3rd. Check out “I Don’t Want You” below!