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Sundressed Unveils Emotional Odyssey On Self-Titled Album

Sundressed Summer 2023

Intricately woven and deeply personal, the self-titled release from Sundressed offers an intimate glimpse into the inner workings of frontman Trevor Hedges‘ creative psyche. This artistic endeavor was first set into motion back in 2012 when Hedges embarked on a musical journey under the moniker Sundressed as a means to navigate his own journey of sobriety. Yet, as the sands of time have shifted, so too has the project’s purpose, morphing into a resonant platform that seeks to address critical matters, particularly within the realm of mental health, all while fostering a profound sense of community among its listeners.

The heart of the album lies in the confessional lyrics and punk-infused melodies, both of which become vehicles for fostering a sense of hope and resilience among its audience. Notable recent singles such as “Fuck It Up” (feat. Have Mercy) and “Bad Drugs” (feat. City Mouth) delve candidly into the intricacies of anxiety, exposing the struggles entwined with the quest to uncover the most suitable medication for one’s mental health journey. “Winner” (feat. You, Me, And Everyone We Know), on the other hand, projects aspirations of leaving an indelible mark on the world, of etching one’s name into the annals of memory.

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In a symphonic ebb and flow, the album unfurls its multifaceted narrative, revealing recent releases like the luminous love anthem “There With Me” and the evocative “20 Below,” featuring the mesmerizing vocal contribution of Malia Endres from Glacier Veins. Within these tracks, one discovers a vivid spectrum of emotions, interwoven with threads of introspection, vulnerability, and unabashed honesty.

As the culmination of years of artistic maturation, Sundressed‘s self-titled opus beckons listeners into a realm where the past collides with the present, while the trajectory of growth and evolution is palpably evident. The lyrical tapestry masterfully crafted by Hedges takes center stage, inviting audiences to not merely witness, but actively participate in the journey of navigating life’s challenges. Through the conduit of music, Sundressed weaves a universal thread, reminding us all that amidst the variegated shades of human experience, there lies a commonality that can bring solace, understanding, and an enduring sense of belonging.

Cry About It (feat. Better Hell)

This song is about the feeling of working so hard for a better life and being disappointed in the outcome of all that work. The world post-covid has felt so fragile and overwhelming at times, and I think this song came out of the frustration of having to literally stop doing what we love and how different things have been since shows have been back. The energy of this song feels infectious to me, and I’m really looking forward to opening the set live with it! A lot of the lyrics felt like they needed to be screamed out of desperation. What are we all doing here? Is this as good as it gets!?

20 Below (feat. Glacier Veins)

This song came from an older idea I had been holding onto for a long time. It’s about being apart in a relationship and having trouble communicating with that person. It’s not so much about a specific person or fight, and more just about that feeling of not being able to connect over the phone or the internet. Musically, I have to point out AJ’s guitar work because it is some of the coolest stuff we’ve ever had on a Sundressed record! Malia’s vocals really brought this song to the next level, and it was so rad to get to work on something with Glacier Veins finally!

Bad Drugs (feat. City Mouth)

This song is about my personal journey getting on the right medication for my mental health. Though I think it was absolutely worth it, it took a long time for me to get to the place I am today and I hope this song can make some people feel less alone in that journey. From side effects to misdiagnoses, it can be very discouraging and terrifying to trust a doctor, but it is absolutely possible to get better!

Nothing (feat. Lady Captain)

This one was written by our guitar player AJ and our dear friend Huxley. It’s about a difficult relationship ending. It’s definitely the slowest and darkest song on the record. When AJ presented it for the record, I was so honored to have it on the record. I love this song. This was actually the hardest song for me to track in the studio and I’m so glad I went back in and gave this one everything I had.


This is one of the most fun songs we’ve had to date. It’s a love song about letting someone really get to know you, anxieties, flaws, and all. It’s about that person that makes you feel a little calmer. There are a lot of songs called “Shake,” but this one is less about shaking your ass and more about unintentionally shaking from anxiety. This is a classic Sundressed move of making a sad song sound really happy! 

Fuck It Up (feat. Have Mercy)

This one is about the anxiety of screwing things up when everything is going so well. Generally, a Sundressed song starts with some sort of vocal line, but this one started with a bass riff! We had a ton of fun having Brian Swindle (Have Mercy) sing on the track, and this is one of the heaviest ones we’ve ever done and the most fun to play live so far. 

There With Me

This is a love song about understanding your partner’s mental health, and them being a safe place, to be honest with yours as well. I wrote a lot of these songs while planning my wedding and really getting to know my now-wife on a deeper level. This one definitely hits home, and I had a blast writing an unconventional love song like this.

Winner (feat. You, Me, And Everyone We Know)

“Winner” is about being afraid of getting older and losing relevance, wanting to be remembered for something. This one came out earlier last year as a preview, and I’m happy to have it on the record as well. You, Me, And Everyone We Know is one of my top all-time favorite bands, so having Ben’s incredibly unique voice on this song was a big deal for me! 

Expiration Date

This is actually the song I wrote for my wife to propose to her, but she beat me to it and proposed to me first! It’s about finding your forever person, and it’s a little cheesy, but I am not the least bit ashamed. The title is referring to the fact that we DON’T need an expiration date! 

Anyone Else But You

This one is about understanding your partner’s mental health while exploring your own as well. I’ve been through a ton in the past couple of years writing this and have focused a lot of energy on my relationship and my mental health. This song kinda poured out of me in minutes, and we all know those are the best ones. I really like ending records with a bang, and this one feels like our best ender yet. Please don’t forget about the last song on the record! 

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