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Singles Lost in Time: Glassjaw + I Am The Avalanche

Hello and welcome to Singles Lost in Time, where we dig through our library here at idobi (like monks sifting through historical texts) and we dust off some absolute bangers that never got their proper time in the sun.

Glassjaw – “Siberian Kiss”

DIY post-hardcore kings Glassjaw are your favorite band’s favorite band. Existing in a constant ethereal state of creative freedom unhindered by big label greed, Glassjaw infuses their music with ambient soundscapes, jazz guitar, and pop hooks. “Siberian Kiss” was the first time many people outside of the Long Island hardcore scene were able to experience the monumental energy of Glassjaw.

I Am The Avalanche – “New Disaster”

I Am The Avalanche’s gritty brand of emo-rock is on full display in “New Disaster”. Full of choppy power chords and straining grainy vocals, there is no glitzy, bright pop-punk to be found. If it weren’t for the vulnerable lyrics and desperate vocal delivery, I Am The Avalanche’s sound could be mistaken for a very polished garage band: brimming with power and chutzpah.


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