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Roe Kapara Releases Highly-Anticipated Debut EP “I Hope Hell Isn’t Real”

Photo via Roe Kapara Twitter

Epitaph Records newest signing, Roe Kapara, has taken the scene by storm. You may recognize him from one of many viral videos featuring Kapara sitting stoic in front of a vintage television that is playing an old cartoon or classic movie. Usually with guitar in hand, he drones the soft melodies to the viewer with lyricism that is reminiscent of a perfect blend of The Front Bottoms, Microwave and Jeremy Zucker. With many popular songs like “Preacher“, “Everyone’s Dying (Grandma’s Drunk Again)“, and “Everything’s Fine (Nuke Song)” featured on the album, Kapara still finds away to make the other tracks equally as interesting and poignant as the singles.

The EP’s lead single “Preacher” recounts Kapara’s religious upbringing with a stylish, macabre horror visual that immediately cements his vision as one of the most captivating young artists in the game. Check out the music video below.

Roe Kapara shares: “I Hope Hell Isn’t Real is about this guy who’s living in an apathetic world where everything is crumbling,” he says. “He ends up dying and comes back to life and realizes life has a lot of meaning and is worth living. I just want to say crazy shit, but stuff I also really care about. It’s gotta be both.”

Check out the album artwork and track list below:

I Hope Hell Isn’t Real

  1. This Time Last Week
  2. Everyone’s Dying (Grandma’s Drunk Again)
  3. Everything’s Fine (Nuke Song)
  4. Interlude
  5. I Hope Hell Isn’t Real
  6. Preacher
  7. What Is My Life Worth