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On Deck: idobi’s Latest Spins 11/24

idobi Radio has the bops that will keep you jamming all week long…

Photo: August Burns Red via Atom Splitter PR
  • August Burns Red – All I Want For Christmas Is You
  • Ghost Town Remedy – Nacho Business
  • Little Hurt – My Head Hurts
Photo: DREAMERS ft. DeathbyRomy via Instagram
  • DREAMERS – True Crime (ft. DeathbyRomy)
  • Don’t Panic – Fall of ’99
  • Fly By Midnight – Automatic (ft. Jake Miller)
Photo: PAPERWEIGHT via Facebook
  • PAPERWEIGHT – The Kids on the Ground
  • Slave Two Servant – Never Greener
  • The Young Hearts – Easy Life
Photo: Crooked Teeth by Joe Calixto
  • A Few Too Many – Someday
  • All Doomed – B.B.B.B.B.B
  • Crooked Teeth – Plight 
Photo: Overgrow by Kaitlyn Johnston Photography
  • Nautical Mile – Purgatory
  • Overgrow – Say Nothing
  • Passionflower – Neverland
Photo: Wring Out by Caleb Good Photos
  • What Makes Sense – Spooky
  • Wring Out – Ghost-Town Let-Down

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idobi Howl added new tunes to make your heavy metal

dreams come true…

Photo: A Day To Remember by Jimmy Fontaine
  • A Day To Remember – Brick Wall
  • Abiotic – Souvenir of Skin (ft. Trevor Strnad)
  • Carcosa – Devoid
Photo: ERRA via Twitter
  • Deeds of Flesh – Ethereal Ancestors (ft. Corpsegrinder)
  • ERRA – House of Glass
  • Firstborne – Sacred Lights
Photo: Killer Be Killed by Victor Yeung
  • Fuming Mouth – Master of Extremity
  • Killer Be Killed Filthy Vagabond
  • Of Virtue – Ghost Town
Photo: Sodom by R. Funk
  • Scour – Propaganda
  • Sodom – Friendly Fire
  • The Northern – Porcelain Skin
Photo: Villain Of The Story by Riley Downs
  • Villain of the Story – Labrat (ft. Tyler Tate of Hollow Front)
  • Within Temptation – The Purge

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