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Basslines and Protest Signs

Basslines and Protest Signs Part 40: Feeling Impeachy

The Regrettes at Taste of South Lake (photo credit: Justin Higuchi)

The odds were against it, but Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee echoed the sentiments of millions this week following the news of Donald Trump’s impeachment when he tweeted “Bye Felicia!!!” Lee has been vocally anti-Trump in recent months, which led many to speculate that there was a Ramones-esque situation going on, as Crüe singer Vince Neil came within a hair’s breath of performing at Trump’s inauguration (conservative Johnny Ramone and liberal Joey Ramone famously didn’t get along).

Mind you, it seems like Crüe were warning us about Trump decades ago:

“He’s the wolf screaming lonely in the night

He’s the blood stain on the stage

He’s the tear in your eye

Been tempted by his lie

He’s the knife in your back, he’s rage

He’s the razor to the knife.”

Mötley Crüe – “Shout at the Devil”

Other musicians weren’t quite so pleased. Country/southern rock man Charlie Daniels tweeted: “Well they did it. The House of Reprehensibles did it. Just wait until their wet dream turns into their worst nightmare.”

The man best known for the song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” also posted a morning prayer the next day:

“Lord the politically ambitious and unprincipled power seekers have delivered a blow to the Republic. Let them know the bitterness of defeat from the citizens they betrayed, let them experience the wrath of a people scorned and the shame of
selling out.”

We shouldn’t be surprised. The lyrics to his song “Simple Man” reveal that he’s clueless and, well, simple:

“Well, you know what’s wrong with the world today

People done gone and put their Bible’s away

They’re living by the law of the jungle not the law of the land

The good book says it so I know it’s the truth

An eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth

You better watch where you go and remember where you been

That’s the way I see it I’m a Simple Man.”

Charlie Daniels – “Simple Man”

L.A. riot grrl punks The Regrettes posted, “holy shit. just gotta give a big ol congrats to the trumpster for getting his ass impeached. LATER YOU BIG BABY BIGOT,” later following up with “very aware that this does not mean he will be removed from office but this is at least a step in the right direction.”

The Regrettes’ song “Head in the Clouds” seems appropriate.

“I know you don’t like to walk to the beat of the drum

But just listen here honey or you’re going to get some

Ever so narcissistic a little pessimistic

You walk around town like you never need assistance.”

The Regrettes – “Head in the Clouds”

Pop icon Cher wrote, “‘IMPEACHED PRESIDENT’ donald j.trump,Makes RICH RICHER,poor poorer,& Will PURGE MILLIONS Of DEMOCRATS Off VOTING ROLLS. RUSSIA,RUDI,RESTRICTIONS. That’s Trumps game plan. For What Does It Profit a Man To Gain The Whole world. Yet Lose His Own Soul.”

When notorious idiot Tomi Lahren posted that “Donald Trump is still your president,” Lizzo responded with, “The only thing that hurts is this country is divided by hatred fueled from people like you.. why don’t u do better and give ya boy some advice on telling the truth, he’s gonna need it. Anyways, I’m having a great day!”

Meanwhile, singer/songwriter Tessa Violet tweeted, “So honestly relieved to see Trump impeached today. feels like a taste of sanity that’s been missing since 2016. also i was today years old when i learned that being impeached does not mean being removed from office, but that you’ve been charged with a crime and will go to trial.”

John Legend took to Twitter to say, “Thank you to the House of Representatives for doing your constitutional duty. Everyone please call your senators and tell them to remove this evil man from office.”

Left: Bette Midler (photo credit: Alan Light) // Right: John Legend at the 2019 iHeart Radio Music Awards (photo by Glenn Francis/Pacific Pro Digital Photography)

Even Bette Midler made sure she had her say: “No, the #Senate will probably not vote to remove #Trump from office as a result of his #impeachment, but the stains will never be removed from his record. Just like they’ll never get his spray tan body smears off the White House sheets.”

One of the men of the moment is Congressman Adam Schiff, who recently spoke to Avery Bissett for the LA Weekly’s annual People issue. 

“Many of us had concerns for [Trump’s] fitness for the office, but we had no idea how truly awful he would be as president,” Schiff said. “This is the first president in history who gets up in the morning determined to find new and inventive ways to divide the country… One of the things that made it a necessity to proceed with an impeachment inquiry, and perhaps more, is that the president engaged in this conduct the day after Bob Mueller testified. That told me that this president has concluded that he’s above the law and that there is no accountability for anything that he does, and that’s dangerous, to have an immoral president who is above the law is a very dangerous thing.”

Schiff also told that publication that, “It’s impossible for me to see [the president] changing.”

As we dive headfirst into the new decade, it’s difficult to envisage how this is all going to end. It’s unlikely that the Senate will go against party lines, and it’s very likely that Trump will remain in power. 

“Don’t gloat, vote” tweeted Katy Perry, as news of the impeachment spread. And the pop star is right — voting Trump out of office in 2020 is still the best chance we have of getting him out. So this time, make sure you get out there.

Hope your Holidays were happy, and get ready for the New Year.

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