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Rapper T.I. Arrested Because He Forgot His House Keys

Rough night for rapper T.I. last night.  Apparently he forgot his keys to the gated community he lives in and couldn’t get in.

He confronted the security guard, saying “Yo I’m T.I. you know who I am.  I got songs and stuff.”  Eventually Mr. T.I. (Real name Clifford Joseph Harris JR.) was allowed in but then did the super smart thing of returning back to the security booth and confronting the guard and stirring shit up.  We now learn that he may have been drunk!  Who woulda thought.

Cops would show up and he was arrested for simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness, and was released without having to drop a penny for any bail.

But at least this gives us a chance to listen to this JAM of a song.  Haven’t heard it in years.

T.I. –  Whatever You Like

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