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Manic Monday – January 26, 2015

Johnny “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” Depp

Personal favorite actor and human being on the planet of mine (this says more about me than it should…) Johnny Depp has come out to say he hates when actors or people who .....johnny depparen’t musicians originally capitalize on their fame to become musicians. No, Johnny, no…please. I mean, does it matter that you have your own band and have been featured on albums with the likes of Joe Perry, Butch Walker, Oasis etc.? No? Okay. In all seriousness, there is some truth to what he says. Having people who are already famous take away opportunities from people who only want to be musicians is something we could take a good look at. However, genuinely multi-talented people should not be punished for being multi-talented people. More often than not, well-known actors do have some sort of music background. Have you heard Jeremy Renner sing? If he started touring on an album I’d follow that around the country. It’s important to remember that musical talent is not something that only extends to the few rock stars out there–Jared Leto is a prime example of someone who deserves all the awards. My view: if you work hard, and put care and time into what you do, you have a right to do it. (Unless that means being an OCD serial killer a la Dexter–please don’t do that.)

Selfie sticks are not concert attire

According to Rocksound magazine, one local U.K. venue made a very creative sign about banning selfie sticks from their venue. Many venues have already banned the extremely useful devices that have reformed selfie-taking for all the world to see, and it must be because they hate the youth of the world…or because bringing a plastic stick into a pit is probably the most dangerous thing you can think of doing short of an actual weapon, and no one likes to go blind at shows. (Well, I can’t speak for everyone–just an educated guess.) This brings along a larger discussion of the use of phones at shows in general. Obviously, the most important part of a concert is the selfie you’re going to take while your favorite band is onstage, right? Why don’t they understand that you’ve paid somewhere between 15-65 dollars to take a selfie during your favorite song that you might never get the opportunity to see live again. You have to capture the moment instead of living it…right?

Taylor Swift is queen

As a scene, we’ve been a bit spoiled when it comes to opportunities to interact, chill, obsessively stalk, and chat with our favorite bands. It’s rare someone does a tour that .....taylorswiftdoesn’t offer a full meet and greet opportunity and lots of love from the band to their fans. However, Taylor Swift has pretty much trumped everything we’ve ever seen bands do. From “Swiftmas” to helping one fan pay off student loans, she topped herself this week by standing up for a fan online when an anon on Tumblr called her ugly. By scrolling Tumblr, with no planning, and a little bit of stalking, she stood up for someone because it was the right thing to do. Honestly, that’s just A+ interneting right there. Her good nature extends to her everyday life, and this just proves how great she really is. Basically, she is queen and we should all aspire to be more like her. T-swift’s  newest album has been all the rage amongst the mainstream and scenesters alike, and it’s a big treat and a pat on the back to see how she reaches out to her fans like a lot of our favorites do. It helps to know that someone who has such great music can outshine that with such a selfless and fierce personality. You go, T-swift.

Danny Worsnop has left Asking Alexandria and now the world wants Riff Raff to replace him

I didn’t know I needed this in my life until it happened. Sadly, Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria this week, and while we wish him luck on his new musical adventure, we wish his farewell statement would have  delved more into his decision to leave. However, too much thought put into anything could drive us all a little insane. So, we’re definitely wishing Danny and his new band We Are Harlot good luck. Soon after Danny announced his departure, lead guitarist Ben Bruce also announced they would still be playing Warped T....riffour with their new lead singer. And then the world exploded and people started a change.org petition asking for Riff Raff, who also recently announced for Warped, to be the new lead singer of Asking Alexandria. This petition is being taken VERY seriously by all of the AA fans and friends out there…rumor is Riff Raff may not be, shockingly, metal enough for AA. We must disagree–those chains scream metal. The petition itself has reached almost 4,000 signatures overnight. At this point, the mania has reached its peak with Riff Raff calling out other Warped Tour veterans for not loving him and his music; all the while everyone is just begging him to scream for AA with those cornrows in. What more could we ever ask for?

What’s been going on in my brain this week

There is a rumor that Spider-man might actually be joining the Avengers: Infinity Wars movies, and it’s all I’ve ever wanted in life. (So here’s a picture of him creeping into your life like he would the movie.)....spidey  If you know the comic storyline, to you, this is a miracle and everything you’ve ever dreamed about happening. If you don’t, you’ll just be happy that (hopefully) Andrew Garfield, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Scar Jo will all be in one movie. I need a glass of cold water now please. How does this relate to music? It doesn’t–it’s just awesome.

So now that you’re all caught up on things from last week, tell us what makes you want to make a change.org petition this week! We’ll see if we can get it going for you. Who knows, you might end up with Riff Raff as your best friend. Or even better, we might be able to force the government into allowing Spider-man into Infinity Wars. (I’m serious about this one…needs to happen.)

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