MxPx & Rivals Talk 3 Ways to “Say Yes”

By | August 9, 2021 at 2:30 PM

MxPx ushered in the summer season with their new track “Say Yes” and they brought Rivals along for the ride to make the track a certified banger. To celebrate the release, we asked Mike Herrera and Kalie Wolfe to sit down for a special video called “3 Ways to Say Yes”!

Mike and Kalie ask each other some “Say Yes” themed questions, leading to stories about those times they shouldn’t have said yes, the BEST time they said yes, and how this collaboration came together. You’ll get to hear some tidbits about the song’s inspiration, grabbing hold of new opportunities, and…s’mores (yup, there’s a treat for everyone). Check out the “3 Ways to Say Yes” video above before hitting repeat on “Say Yes” all summer long.

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