Loving Your Brain Despite Insecurities and “Serotonin” with Dylan Dunlap

By | May 24, 2021 at 4:30 PM

Photo: Zach Bell

I always wanted to find a way to sing about the things that mattered most to me, but struggled with my confidence of thinking the music would still be great in the end. I spent so many years holding myself back to preserve the pop elements of my sound and couldn’t be more thankful for last year’s downtime. With every sense of normalcy stripped away from my life, there were no more materialistic distractions. I had to look myself in the mirror and find a way to like who looked back at me. I ended up realizing that the best way to reach people (during & exiting a pandemic) would be to just write from an unapologetic place and focus on being a source of comfort for 14-year-old Dylan.

“Serotonin” is a conversation about the realities of living with depression. It feels like a turning point for me as a writer because I’ve finally found the words to express it with confidence. The worst thing you can tell somebody is “you’re fine.” This song is a reminder to listen more to those in our life who could be hurting and hiding it. It’s liberating to talk this openly about learning to love my brain despite the insecurities.

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