Inbox Jukebox #151: Betta Lemme, Andreas Moss, Charming Liars

By | May 21, 2021 at 1:30 PM

…This is the Inbox Jukebox:

Betta Lemme – “Ce Soir”

Photo: Alexis Belhumeur

It’s going down tonight. “Ce Soir” is a remedy for the lockdown blues AND Betta Lemme is taking you away on a sonic fantasy escape that you can dance to. This track sets off sparkles in your mind, your fingers gotta snap, and your body betta bop. The vocal is sooooo seductively slinky but sweet and then the beat drops and you’re rolling on the lively electro instrumentation. Yes! This party for one is poppin’.


Andreas Moss – “Buy Your Love”

Photo from EUPHORIA. by Vogue Giambri

The orchestral opening of “Buy Your Love” has all the drama of a classic b&w film score, because of this you already know the song is going to absolutely shred you emotionally. The instrumentation is hopeful and yet ever so slightly foreboding. Then, when Andreas comes in on the first verse the promise of the opening chords is realized and exceeded. His vocal is tender, rife with emotion on the verge of breaking. Almost like he’s holding your hand to his chest and the song is a representation of the tumult raging within him, which has somehow been transformed into layered melodies and set free. “Buy Your Love” is an exhalation—lovely and aching and bare. 

Charming Liars – “White Leather Electric Chair”

Photo: Storm Santos

Charming Liars has us floating on punk infused new wave with “White Leather Electric Chair”. And it’s a Friday feeling! This track is all about energy—buzzy keys, head nodding beats, power chords, and infectious ‘in your face’ vocals. If you’re not moving, we don’t know what you’re doing. Get up and catch this wave, babe.