Inbox Jukebox #141: Tilian + Ant Saunders

By | February 26, 2021 at 1:30 PM

…This is the Inbox Jukebox:

Tilian – “Anthem”

From the moment the sparkling sonics at the top of  “Anthem” begin you’ll be dazzled. The new track from Tilian is as cinematic and addictive as your favorite video game. Synthy and sticky, it’s nearly an interactive experience, one you can’t help but bop to while you sing along. With big beats, bouncing keys, and buzzy vocals, those handclaps in the verses are clearly a round of applause. 

Ant Saunders – “Spoiled”
Photo: Logan Joyce

On this day of our blessed WandaVision, it seems perfectly fitting for Ant Saunders to release this fizzy, classic TV vibing, body rocker. “Spoiled” is instantaneous. The sass of it all—guitars like bubbles bursting, drums kicking like swagger, and vocals that roll-up on you like they’re trying to do something. It’s a head nodder and so very catchy. Go ahead and spoil us, sweetie.