The Gunz Show – Interview w/ New Found Glory

Interview with Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory October 9, 2014 at 1:00 PM

New Found Glory.   A band that has helped create and shape the modern pop-punk “Scene” as we know it… they have literally been through it all.   I’ve been fortunate to see them tour with Piebald and Saves the Day back in the day, to the co-headline with Good Charlotte years later, to the mall punk era, to now the Resurrection era for them… now as a 4 piece and perhaps better and most definitely stronger than ever.

Chad calls in and talks to me about literally everything – from writing without Steve, to the lyrical content of the album, to speaking about Hayley Williams’ influence on   a particular song, to the One Direction fans, to 5SOS , to everything.   and it was awesome.

Band deserves to be huge once again. Let’s make it happen. Pick up the album now, check them out on the Glamour Kills Tour, and ball baby.   ballin

– Gunz