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First Listen

First Listen: Start Your Day with Charmer’s New Song, “Nurse Joy”

Charmer makes modern pop-punk in the middle-of-nowhere Michigan and it rocks hard. Hear their new song “Nurse Joy” for the first time below.

“Where we live in Michigan it takes about 8 hours to get to Detroit and for the first 4 hours of driving all you see (depending on the season) is endless amounts of snow and wildlife. We live in such a secluded place that people seem to forget about how far north it actually is or that the Upper Peninsula even exists at all.

I feel like I’ve made this trip over 100 times in my life now. ‘Nurse Joy’ is specifically about the worst experience I’ve had making this trip when I brought a friend back down to college after she came home during a break from school.”

– David Daignault, vocalist/guitarist of Charmer

Find Charmer on Facebook and Twitter, and pre-order their forthcoming self-titled album here.

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