First Listen: Head to the Islands with The Bae Beach Club’s “all day”

By | April 16, 2018 at 10:00 AM
Photo: Brandon Broccolo

It’s time to head to the beach. The Bae Beach Club has dropped an indie rock song that transports you to a peaceful island somewhere far away. Hear “all day” below!

“Growing up, I spent every summer I can remember sailing with my family on whatever body of water we could get to. Summer days were filled with a packed lunch and quick escapes to complete solitude where the only thing you could do was take in the calming waves and soak in the sun.

I find myself returning to that feeling of bliss and complete comfort when I write music, especially lately with this collection of songs. This tune sets the tone for the upcoming EP, Our Escape. ‘all day’ unveils an honest expression of creating your ideal situation introspectively. Ultimately, it invokes a feeling of restlessness when regrouping back to reality.”

– KiKi Kinaschuk, vocalist of The Bae Beach Club

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