Premiere: Whosah’s Video for “Ghost Town”

By | April 6, 2016 at 2:00 PM

From college dorms to the Mall Of America, Minneapolis based band Whosah have played it all. Today, the band is bringing us an exclusive first watch of the video for their single “Ghost Town”.

The ghost town music video is supposed to paint a picture of it completely desolate, isolated world. One that has a lot of imagery of places or things you would recognize as part of this world, but shot so that they look empty, abandon, and unused apart from Spencer, singing and dancing. We wanted to capture the live, high energy feel of our performance but in a introspective, contained way. We really wanted the video to feel like a journey, an adventure in another world in which we’re traveling –longing to find life but only finding empty spaces.

For this video we wanted to contrast the literal nature of our moving picture for the rest of the record. The imagery in this song plays between an office space and an old ghost town, so we wanted the video to leave a little more space for the viewers to have their own creativity and connect with their own reality.

With an artistic edge and endless energy, Whosah isn’t holding anything back on their indie pop sound. The track behind the video, “Ghost Town”, was produced by Chase Coy, and can be found on their  recently released EP  Work. Pick up your copy here, and check out the video below!