Album Premiere: We Have a ‘Sinking Feeling’ You’ll Love Listening to American Pastime’s New Album

By | June 29, 2017 at 1:00 PM

Your weekend deserves pop punk tunes to jam to, and that’s just what American Pastime is delivering. With their brand new album, titled A Sinking Feeling, they’re showing us just what they can do—and just how much we can love it.

“‘A Sinking Feeling’ as a whole feels like our most true-to-self and honest record. From touching on relationship, losing a loved one all the way to hanging with your best friends, it’s one of the most personal records we have ever put out. We can’t wait to see where this record takes us.” – Mylon Robinson

Whether to accompany you during your favorite pastimes (American, or not), or to dance the night away in your room, we have a sinking feeling you’ll be totally obsessed with the nine song collection. Check out our exclusive stream below!