Premiere: One Days Notice’s Video for “Hey Anna”

By | May 6, 2016 at 2:00 PM

It’s time to get funny. Our pals in One Days Notice have crafted a video that’s not only hilarious, not only strange, but also ends with a prank to write home about (but to never, ever do in real life. It’s all in good fun here, folks.)

“I actually spent hours researching things that Anna Kendrick likes when I was writing the lyrics,” says vocalist Chris Bassitt. “We hope she sees it and gets a good chuckle!”

Chris falls asleep in front of the TV and dreams up the relationship he wants with actress extraordinaire Anna Kendrick–but since Anna herself was already booked for the day,  a blow up doll with her face taped to it plays her part. Things get cute, in an “Are you okay?” kind of way, before some crazy antics (we repeat: don’t try that one at home, kids) get him dumped before the nap can end. Before we reveal too much, we’ll let you watch it yourself. Check out “Hey Anna” below!