Premiere: Look Forward to “Cleaner Days” with a New Single From Sleep In.

By | May 22, 2017 at 2:00 PM

We know it’s a Monday, and we know this claim is going to sound a little far fetched. Just trust us when we say, you’re gonna love Sleep In. the band as much as the actual ability to sleep in. We get it, those few extra hours of sleep are nothing short of treasured—but these alternative emo-rock jams will be too.

To introduce you, we’re bringing the exclusive premiere of “Cleaner Days” to your headphones. The New Jersey band sounds like 90’s Seattle grunge meets modern pop punk, with the kind of guitars that remind you why guitars are so damn cool.

Hit play on the Sleep In.’s first single from their forthcoming collection, Tension & Release, below. Then, pre-order your copy of the album, set to drop on June 23rd (and trust us once again, you don’t want to miss this one.)


“‘Cleaner Days’ for me is a way to touch on how growing up in my social setting and being a kid diagnosed with ‘ADHD’ led to heavy prescription medication and how that translates into being an adult and self-medicating, always trying to find the blurred line between addiction and recreation. Those experiences taught me how easy it is to lose control. I think the chaotic nature of the music lent itself to that exact feeling of insanity, and inspired me to write these lyrics.” – Tom Fowler (Vocalist)