Making Conversation with Civil Youth: Episode 3

By | January 4, 2017 at 7:00 PM

The holidays are over, but the gifts just keep on coming from Civil Youth. It’s time for the latest installment of their video series, Making Conversation. Join us as we go into the studio with the Philadelphia alternative rock band, and check out how their upcoming album Conversations is coming along.

This week, the guys take a minute to appreciate what each of them bring to the table, and talk about what it’s like working together. Then, they take us behind the scenes of their live stream on Digital Tour Bus. Check it all out below!

“What’s even better than being in a band with your best friends, is having your best friends be the most talented people you’ve ever met. This episode talks about everyones’ role in the band and their part in writing ‘Conversations’, set for release May 19th, 2017! Only one more episode left after episode 3 so make sure you stay up to date and get to know the process from the start!” – Michael Kepko (keys/vocals)