First Listen: Candy Ambulance’s “Spray” Is The Grunge Rock You’re Looking For

By | January 16, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Photo: Danny DeRusso

Candy Ambulance was made to play CBGB’s (if it were still open, that is.) Bringing back the raw, unpredictable energy of grunge, the band is making noises you don’t want to sleep on—so listen to their latest single, “Spray”, below.

Known for their insane and energetic live shows, the band is the sonic equivalent of mile high mohawks and leather jackets. Y’know, the kind of punk rock that made this scene what it is.

Today, Candy Ambulance is letting us play their newest track for the first time. Sharing a title with their upcoming EP, “Spray” gives us a taste of what we’re in for when the collection drops on February 16th.

“‘Spray’ is a song about mania. The ‘I cannot stop until the cleaning is done, please don’t somehow intentionally suck the water out of the rag you mopped the floor with’ mania that creeps in sometimes, late night. The kind that later ignores a ringing alarm because you stayed up all night worrying about this stuff. The kind that is so tired. We hope that when you hear ‘Spray’, you’re late for work.” – Candy Ambulance